“Angel’s art – I’m as far from an art expert as you can get, but the words “inspiring”, “evocative”, “emotional” and “uplifting” are what come to mind when I’ve been fortunate enough to view her work. It’s possible that this is due to my interest in the subjects she’s chosen, but on a personal level, what I enjoy so much is the fact that her pieces make me FEEL something, rather than just visually admiring a piece. The detail, techniques and execution, for me, are just on point – and I’m yet to see a work of hers that hasn’t evoked a sense of wonder, power, or awe…so much so, that one inspired me to finish a long-ignored musical piece…if that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is!!

Keep on doing what you do so well, Angel!!”

Charles ‘Brother C’ Peart

“The first time I truly saw Angel’s art work was in her studio.  I felt like I was in my own bubble with the lights off and an array of stars lit up.  I am not usually one for art and cannot normally see what the piece means until this day.  From then on my love of her work has grown and I see a meaning in everything she does.  Such a truly talented (and excessively modest and humble) artist that makes me smile whenever I see something new.   I feel calm and tranquil when I see her art and I am grateful to her for using her art to lift me up when I felt down so thanks Angel, you really are an amazing talented woman x “

Becci O’Brien

“Angel is the most gifted and talented artist I have ever met. Her work speaks from the heart and shows the world the insides of her beautiful soul. Her pieces are simultaneously thought provoking, mesmerising and always make you want to learn more about what inspired them. Angel has been incredibly supportive of the NHS and for that we are forever grateful. Her Angel Wings piece, which she dedicated to NHS staff during the COVID pandemic, is one of the most awe-inspiring and moving pieces of art I have ever seen. I am sure I speak for all of my NHS colleagues when I say we are very honoured indeed to have tribute paid to us in this most magnificent way.”

Dr Leong Lee

“Art is subjective and in the eye of the beholder,

But there is no doubt or question of the work and creativity that goes into her work, 

it’s personal, honest and so unlike anything I’ve seen this far, 

It’s ‘future contemporary’ I love the varied themes and techniques with a little club culture thrown in for good measure

Every stroke and every image is made with love, i could look at her work all day, there is always something new you didn’t notice before, its ‘Alice in wonderland’ bought to life. 

She’s defiantly one we’ll be talking about in years to come, I mean, how does she even begin to come up with these ideas?!

Redefining the question of “what is art”


Simon Phillips – Broadcaster, Magic FM/Jazz FM

“Angel is an artist who I have admired and followed for many years.  I find her work stunning and love her use of materials and special effects. When I was writing my first novel, which is science fiction, the only artwork I could imagine on the cover was one of Angel’s paintings.  Her work is so unique and vibrant I knew it would be perfect for my book cover.  We talked about the themes and influences in the story and Angel captured the essence perfectly and produced an original piece for me and my book.  I am delighted and honoured to have an original work by Angel. “

Rachael Cox

“Angel’s art is the focus point of my living space. I have 6 in my collection so far. I have my angel nebula in my living room. I have my dancers and butterfly nebula in my son’s room  as well as my first piece of art from Angel which is a landscape of the sea with a light house. I knew the moment I saw the sea with the lighthouse that I had to have it. I have watched angel produce the most amazing art and I have been going to her exhibitions for years. Her art is magical. It is always what people want to see when they visit me. I always say her art is three pieces in one. The effect in the day light, in the night and then the look in the UV light. I have always been blown away by all of Angel’s work. I am lucky to have her work in my life. Anyone would be. If you get any of Angel’s work you will be bringing magic into your life.”


“I first encountered Angels beautiful work, when I stumbled across her art exhibition, in Wolverhampton on Victoria St. I went everyday after college, just to admire this one particular painting. I finally got to meet Angel towards the end of the week, and that is when I purchased my first art piece from her. Honestly Angel makes you feel more like family than a customer. You become part of an Angel community, with all her other art collectors. “

Noni Bennet Williams

“Angels art pieces are absolutely awe-inspiring and just simply amazing, a true reflection of her as a person and I’m truly honoured and blessed to have met her

I have had a number of pieces from her in my home and my recording studio and has been a permanent fixture since.”

Jeremy Sylvester, Urban Dubz

“Angel’s art is vibrant, full of life, with beautiful colours which uplifts me and brings me a sense of relaxation and joy. “

Sarah Biladeau

“As one of the Campsoul music Festival organising team I spoke with Angel about producing a unique backdrop to hang at the Festival behind the main stage. The Festival is for Soul Funk jazz music connoisseurs so we decided on a Backdrop based on Grover Washington Jnr and then decided to add a more contemporary music artist Angie Stone. We were blown away by the finished piece as it exceeded our expectations and then further amazed when we saw it at night under UV lighting where it really came to life. Everyone who saw the picture loved it, and we were very proud to display it.

Skip two years after the lockdown we were hoping to have  Angel attending this year’s festival to do a live commission but with all the restrictions we were unable to arrange but Angel did not disappoint and brought us another masterpiece. This year we had Dexter Wansel playing who is famous on the soul/jazz scene for his spacey themed music including his album and track life on mars.  Angel produced a nebula back drop which we hung on the stage behind where Dexter was performing. Both Dexter and all of the festival attendees were again blown away by the art.  What’s more, under UV light the image almost draws you into it and it really does take you on a journey into space.   I have also been to see Angel’s gallery in Birmingham which has some absolute masterpieces like nothing I have seen elsewhere truly unique, what a wonderful artist and lovely person.”

Paul Izzard – Campsoul/Pressure Radio

“We discovered Angel of Angel Arts several years ago whilst working on live concert events.

It became clear she is very passionate about her work and was constantly looking for inspirations in the arenas for future pieces.

She showed us some of her work and invited us to her galleries.

Over the time we have visited her galleries at Birmingham Museums & Art Galleries -Think Tank Millennium Point and New Street in Birmingham City centre , Moseley and also in West Wales.

Her photos  were amazing but it doesn’t compare with actually visiting one of her exhibitions and seeing her UV work displayed under lights!

When you enter one of the exhibitions the ‘Wow Factor’ of the vibrant colours and textures and the media she uses hits you, we certainly recommend a visit to view them first-hand.

We have a number of her pieces lite up with UV lights at the end of our hall at home which we love and at night we have our own Owl watching us with his spectacular eyes !!

Thank you Angel, you are a very talented, inspirational professional artist and we would certainly recommend everybody to visit one of her  exhibitions. 

You won’t be disappointed!” 

Nick & vicky Pudsey, Pembrokeshire

“Angel’s artwork comes from somewhere deep with the spirit. To look inside her minds eye is to see the true essence of the subject – be it a landscape a seascape or a ‘sky’s ape’. Her mastery of colour and use of only the finest materials, causes her pieces to shimmer and jump out at you, and you find yourself standing in awe for many minutes taking in what is a sort vivid communication of the beauty of nature, and all the beauty that lies around us. She never stops working and is always inventing new ideas to transform from the ethereal into the physical. It has to be seen to be believed.”

Christian Bailey

“Her creativity, flair and eye for detail has a wonder to watch and be a part of. Our residents have loved her warm, caring nature and created  some pieces of work that still hang proudly on our walls around the home. Without hesitation we look forward to another time where we could work together again.”

Robert Huxtable, Millwater House

“Angel is a truly beautiful soulful artist. Her art speaks to the souls that can see through her art. Her art screams hope loud and clear. It captures the beauty of nature in the most unique ways. “


“I fell in love with Angel’s art before I met her… I saw one of her pieces at a friend’s house… It was a Siberian tiger and it moved me as its eyes pierced soul…

I then got to meet Angel and attend her exhibitions which are always warm and welcoming … I love art and I’ve yet to come across an artist that moves me to my core and the use of UV paints and gold leaf only enhances the experience…as well as many other special tricks she pulls out the bag.. 

She’s always pushing herself to go deeper to pull more exceptional pieces together… The energy, the love and the hard work shine through in all she does… She is destined to go far as the world needs to see her beautiful, beautiful work.”


“Angels art pieces are both astonishing and captivating, as a product of hard work, extreme talent and vivid imaginative process. Her incredibly detailed astronomic pieces are (literally) out of this world, put together with multiple mediums and techniques that require a lot of time and concentration. Her art is wholesome and original, and her talent is diverse. Angels attention to detail is immaculate when it comes to her landscapes. She thinks about her pieces extremely carefully, paying close and exquisite attention to her inspirations, leaving a final product of talent, meaning, and love.”

Abigail and Primo L’Antoniazzi – Fine Art Glazing

“I’ve known Angel for more than 7 years and she is such a professional and dedicated artist. She has spent years perfecting her craft and she’s highly talented and passionate in her work. “

Tashi Farmilo-Marouf, Ottowa, Ontario

“I’ve known Angel and her work for over twenty years. From crossing paths at Gallery 37, a young people’s summer art camp in a tented village on Centenary Square to top art galleries and events, it’s been stellar progress. Ive never doubted Angel will find national fame in due course. Exciting, characterful and talented is how I’d describe her. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to watch her grow into the prolific artist she is today.”

Anna Marchbank