Resin Dominoes – Limited Edition

Some of the most bespoke and unique sets of dominoes you will ever get your hands on! What will yours look like? Each set is completely handcrafted and the design is totally up to you. Add a personal touch by selecting the the finest quality precious metal leaf in gold, platinum or silver. Choose your favourite colour for the intense pigments that are a hallmark of these beautifully hand made resin dominoes. Each individual set is like no other and no two pieces are the same. The domino pieces will be imbedded with Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia and perhaps a diamond on your favourite number! (of course the double 6’s) This would make a perfect gift to mark any big occasion or perhaps a personalised gift for yourself or someone who is hard to buy for…No doubt they will fall in love with these. The unique set of dominoes come with a certificate and personalised gift box. More photos coming soon.

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