The Art

My style of art is continuously evolving however the core elements remain the same: I strive to create bespoke artwork using pure raw materials that have an archival quality and I aim to let the beauty of those materials combine and create something unique, a treasured point of wonder and awe for many generations to come.

Naziah Angel

The combination of materials, media and treatment of subject matter I am currently working with is informed by decades of development.

Artwork for me has become about expressing a feeling, capturing a moment or a thought or an emotion, as well as presenting a piece of beauty in its own right.

Letting the pure elements in the materials I use shine through with their own beauty brings the subjects of nature sound and creation closer together. 

The Inspiration

My inspiration continues to be the beauty of the universe and the natural world: from the sea, the earth and life in all its wondrous forms, to the beauty of the sky, by day and night, and the thought that everything we see touch hear smell taste and are… owes its existence to the stars.

By using elements that play with that light in different ways, I seek to let that light redefine something in a way that captures the imagination and is in itself beautiful.

This is why selection of and experimentation with materials is so important to me and is a key feature and driver of my artistic journey.

A constant in my special effects pieces is that there are so many facets to one artwork. 

The UV artwork transforms into glorious 3D under black light and phosphorises in the dark, often revealing hidden features. In daylight the works have an impressionistic feel, with different levels of depth and textures depending whether I am working in oils or acrylics. 

The Collections

For my recent collections I’ve started working on aluminium, using the reflective quality of the raw metal to full effect. It is fully intentional that my art changes in its observed environment: the angle of viewing, how the light hits it, the time of day and the changing colour of natural sunlight or moon light, and whether it is lit by normal, UV, or viewed in darkness.

In this way, the art becomes interactive and the viewer is a key agent in creating the effect in that moment.

Imagine waking up on holiday and knowing you are in a great place or being away from home and driving back taking a journey to home… even before you arrive you know the joy you will feel. 

That’s where I want my work to be. A journey for you in a visual sense. 
In recent years, in creating art especially for or dedicated to someone, I’ve felt guided by them – there is simply no substitute for the inspiration of others or the shared joy of bringing a moment of happiness to a fellow soul.

Every year I challenge myself to develop something innovative which can take my artwork to the next level.  This is partly by choice, but I think this is mainly because I am naturally driven to pursue new elements, effects and ways of crafting them together.

Looking back at my portfolio, future art historians would be able to pinpoint the year of its creation from the materials I use.