Featured Artworks

One of the most innovative and exclusive artworks i have created.
Impressions of sound,
Improvised to music,
Inspired by Andy Ward
Fusion of art and music
The intermixed vibes captured
Transitions to create multiple levels of interaction
Sound waves in a different dimension.
Titanium tapestry of visual soundscape.

Naziah Angel

“I’ve been trying to think of words to do this one-of-a-kind, priceless piece of art justice that has been made for me by Naziah Angel. I can’t think of anything suitable. This really is next level and is the second piece of unique work Naziah has made for me and now hangs proudly in my studio/music room”

Andy ward

4 pieces of Anodised Titanium (heat treated to stain the metal) and then hand painted, wall mounted beneath 4 sheets of perspex.